GRE -Verbal Reasoning Syllabus & Session Plan

Many people wonder whether learning English Grammar is relevant for the GRE Exam? Well, GRE Verbal doesn’t directly tests your grip on grammar, nevertheless a solid understanding of fundamental concepts is required if you want to interpret the questions correctly. GRE tests your REASONING Ability through verbal means. But if you are unable to deconstruct a question, you will probably not be able to get to the underlying logic. There is no direct formula to learn reasoning skills; it’s a process that works best if you start from basics and move to the advanced questions. So what better way to start than getting hold on the nuances of English Grammar!

In addition to the concepts and practice, doubts related to any incidental or core area will also be addressed in the beginning of every session.

Course Duration

The course has 15 sessions of two hours duration each and is to be completed in a span of six weeks (extendable to maximum seven). The classes will be alternate days in a week on a one to one basis. The classes will be conducted online via Zoom,  Skype or any other medium