IELTS 8+ Course : Syllabus & Session Plan

IELTS is an exam that needs concerted preparation in four different areas that are tested viz. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  As such a sound integration of various human faculties is imperative. However, most test takers resort to tips, tricks and short-cuts rather than focusing on creating a better understanding of the questions and the approach to solve them. Consequently, the fail-rate in IELTS is very high, as much as 80%. Therefore, many people have to take the test over and over again spending more time and money with every attempt. In that process they keep on imbibing wrong approach which is difficult to un-learn, creating further problems in the subsequent attempts.

This syllabus and the session plan are devised to equip you with the necessary understanding and skills to score an 8+ band score in the very first attempt. The plan applies to both Academic and General Training modules of the IELTS.

Course Duration

The course has 15 sessions of two hours duration each and is to be completed in a span of six weeks (extendable to maximum seven). The classes will be alternate days in a week on a one to one basis. The classes will be conducted online via Zoom,  Skype or any other medium