SAT -Verbal Reasoning Syllabus & Session Plan

Verbal section in SAT is very exhaustive considering the fact that the exam is administered to the students of Grade 12. The time pressure is also considerable given that Section 1 has 65 minutes for 52 passage-based questions, both long and short passages, and section 2 has 35 minutes for 44 questions. The sheer length of the passages in the section 1 is enough to set many students off-guard and get lost in the maze of information. This section requires the ability to not just read and comprehend fast but also navigate through such huge piece of information. Section 2, on the other hand, is more grammar oriented and so if you have a clear understanding of the concepts of English grammar, it is going to be relatively easier for you. Nevertheless, both of these sections contain at least one passage that is accompanied by some sort of statistical data such as a table or a graph. So if you are able to save time on all other questions, so have the liberty to properly deconstruct the statistical information. This syllabus is designed to build a solid foundation of grammar and develop your reflexes along the way before moving on to higher difficulty level questions.

In addition to the concepts and practice, doubts related to any incidental or core area will also be addressed in the beginning of every session. Further, a student will be encouraged to take full length tests after 10 sessions and the mistakes & doubts related to that test shall be discussed in the following session.

Course Duration

The course has 15 sessions of two hours duration each and is to be completed in a span of six weeks (extendable to maximum seven). The classes will be alternate days in a week on a one to one basis. The classes will be conducted online via Zoom,  Skype or any other medium